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During this installation you will be offered the SweetPacks toolbar, homepage, default search and new tab. You may skip or opt-out of any of the SweetPacks components during installation.Through the SweetPacks toolbar you can easily add the coolest and funniest emoticons and animations to your webmail and Facebook posts. The content we offer is constantly updated to offer you the most up-to-date and hottest fun stuff. The SweetPacks toolbar is available for Firefox and Internet Explorer. 

SweetPacks also offers search related services that make your browsing experience more useful and easier to use. With the SweetPacks toolbar for Internet Explorer and SweetPacks toolbar for Firefox, you can gain easy access to a powerful web search directly from your browser.Enhance your search browsing experience using our Search Assistance that offers search suggestions when misspelling a search query. In addition, if incorrectly entering a webpage address in the URL address bar, we will offer search suggestions.
Using the search box next to the address bar or the address bar itself (depending on your browser version) you can directly and easily access the search results directory without having to navigate to any search homepage. SweetPacks search services are available for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. 

Our toolbar offers quick access to a wide variety of free games, both full version premium and online games. Choose from over 400 games in different categories such as puzzle, hidden objects, strategy, cards, board games and more.

During installation, we may offer additional applications that you may find attractive and useful. These applications include, among others, shopping comparison tools that will assist you in paying less for the products you’re interested in. At the time of installation, you can choose to download these additional apps or decline. From time to time, we may add more applications and features that we think you may find useful and productive.  

You can easily uninstall any or all of the SweetPacks components. For uninstall information please visit http://lp.sweetim.com/uninstall.asp.

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